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Due to huge growth in our sector, we are constantly looking for strengthening our team. At Rebode you will find alternate work and you are constantly on the move. No running tire or production. We also offer excellent internal training and there are opportunities to develop yourself to a higher position within our company.
Rebode is progressive and is at the forefront of the recycling industry. We process and recycle 100% of all self-managed cables. At Rebode, the cables are processed in a variety of ways in order to recover the purest products in a responsible manner and to save as much as possible the environment. The released materials are processed into (secondary) raw materials ready for a second life. The industry can use them in the neglect of new products. This means that fewer primary raw materials need to be extracted from nature. This relieves the environment and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Rebode does not engage in private consumption, but works with permanent suppliers.
In 1959, Mr. A. Bosch, at the Delden industrial site, started a recycling company as a sole proprietorship company that mainly engaged in textile and metal trade. In the early 1960s, Mr Bosch’s sons took over the trading company. Due to a decline in the textile industry, alternative sources of income were sought. Due to the positive experiences in the metal trade, it was decided at the time to strengthen and extend its activities in this area. By self-developed installations, efforts were made to obtain as much as possible ferrous and nonferrous metals from materials / goods affected by the waste. During that time, the first steps were taken in the processing of cable residues with the aim of extracting as many metals as possible. In mid-1983, Mr. L. Bosch became fully owner.

Since then, the activities have been increasingly specialized in cable processing. From the beginning of the nineties, an efficient way of cable processing is sought, and the company is developing machines that can optimize the processing process. At the end of the nineties a new location was taken in Delden. Due to the growth in 2000, an additional expansion will take place in Delden.

At the end of 2002, Mr. J. Bosch addressed Rebode GmbH in Gildehaus Germany. Between these locations in the Netherlands and Germany there is such a binding that there is a single device internally. In mid-2004, Mr and Mrs Bosch will end, and Jeroen Bosch will complete the company completely. At the end of 2016, processing was actively terminated in Delden and as a whole moved to Gildehaus in Germany. The company is under the name Rebode GmbH. Due to its good strategic location and efficiency because all business operations are located in one location, Rebode is a forward-looking recycling company ready for the future.