Rebode is good in her field. The in-company recycling process ensures full reuse of materials in the cable industry. Due to good agreements with our suppliers, we try to reduce residual waste to a minimum. In addition, we develop methods to reduce the reduction of raw materials to zero, leaving no residual product left. Our plastic raw material can be seen daily in parts for road deposits and road signs.


By working with our own network of fixed suppliers and permanently recognized transporters, we provide well planned and organized material flows. Extremely important is the intake. This takes place by means of a visual check. Every freight is checked before it drives our site. Next, the cables come in a business hall where they are preselected with manpower. A clean environment with good working conditions. The business transport is going to be mechanical.


The processing process takes place stepwise so that the plastic and metal machine can be separated. The processing process is environmentally friendly. This complies with the strictest requirements for industrial processing in Germany.


No product remains on our site. Only the processing process takes place in our large business halls. The transport, which goes by road, is carried out by a partner transport company, which accounts for all transport movements. In consultation, other transporters can be deployed, but due to our close cooperation there is as little loss of planning and freight as possible. Our regular transport partners are AgroWorld and Inretra. Below you will find their website.